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      Myles Cameron, the self proclaimed "suburban blackboy", is from the suburbs of Rye, New York. Cameron began making music when he was in high school, which is also when he met his producer Frankie Scoca. He then studied at Yale University, where he continued to work on his craft outside the classroom, and even took part in musical extracurriculars such as the Shades of Yale, an a cappella group. While in college, Myles released his first projects True Colors EP, everwanted, and Lonely Suburban Blackboy. Shortly after Graduation, he released his latest project Black Sheep in January 2020. Cameron's angelic vocals paired with his dreamy, entrancing production and interesting song structure come together for a magical and mesmerizing listening experience. His evolution across projects is nothing short of amazing and he doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.


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