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      Khary, also known by his full name Khary Durgans, is a rapper from Providence, Rhode Island. He moved to New York when he was 21 to pursue his music career. He began by interning at companies in the music industry such as FADER, where he made valuable connections. While he was living in New York City interning and working part-time, Khary began releasing music on Soundcloud where he gained a solid amount of traction. Inspired by his experiences as an intern, he released his first project Intern Aquarium in 2016. This project gave Khary a solid fanbase, and he continued to release projects themed around his personal experiences over the next few years such as Tidal Graves and Captain. His most recent release THIS IS WEIRD, his most successful yet, is Khary's most refined project to date. It would not be foolish to assume that Khary's growth will continue as he develops more and more as an artist.


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Last Updated: 12/01/20

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