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      Caleb Parker, aka Caleborate, is a 27 year old rapper from South Sacramento, California. He began writing music in high school, and then while in college started releasing projects. Caleborate began building traction after the release of his project Hella Good in 2015. Big names such as P-Lo took notice of him at this point which allowed him to break into the music industry. In 2016, while touring as the opening act for Kehlani, Caleborate released his first major project 1993. This project was an instant success and produced a solid fanbase. Then in 2017, he released his most well-renowned project Real Person. This project solidified Caleborate as a rapper who had serious longevity. Since then, he has released one EP titled Hear Me Out in 2019 and is continuing to grow his fanbase and develop his artistic style.


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Last Updated: 12/01/20

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